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Media and Marketing Service

Based on our professional research and understanding of tech-development we offer media competitive test services. Not only we can hold single product tests, but also we can hold customized comparative test for media. We will use the most advanced test methodology to test all the aspects of security products, e.g. response time for new threats, rootkits detection, behavioral defense ability, cloud security and so on. We hope to develop a firm strategy between media and PCSL to show the readers a new view of the latest antivirus and anti malware technology and provide professional advertisement and marketing service to security vendors.

Vendors Service


A. Security Product Test & Function Comparatives
-PCSL Total Security Test
-Heuristics Test
-Proactive/Dynamic Test
-Single Product Test
-Cloud Product Test
-False Positive Test
B. Security Product BETA TEST
C. Security Product Competitiveness Analysis
D. Security Product Certification
E. Security Product Anti False Positive Service


For more information, please email:  jeffrey(#)pcsecuritylabs.net

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